Lena Nordlof-Davis


I was born and raised in Sweden, overjoyed living across the street from the most amazing barn. It was very quiet and cold in the winter, but in the summer the horses came down from the riding school in the big city. Let me tell you, this little girl was in heaven. I would do anything to get near these beautiful animals. I offered to clean buckets, paint barns, or clean stalls just to learn how to brush and feed them. As time went on, I did acquire enough skills to actually groom and take care of them in exchange for free lessons from top riders.

The barn would also host “Falsterbo Week,” which has become one of the most major events in the northern European equestrian competition circuit. All of the top dressage and jumper riders would come to compete and inspire. Watching riders like Kyra Kirklund and Ulla Hakanson dancing with their horses was so beautiful. They inspired me to learn what they knew: dressage.

My business is now thriving at Carmel Creek Ranch in Del Mar. With the help of 2 grooms and 1 assistant trainer we manage 15-some horses, and train them to FEI. Many of my students compete, and have earned their Silver and Bronze medals as well as several State CDS Championship wins, numerous High Point awards, and Circuit Championship awards.

Actively and successfully competing at FEI Grand Prix level myself, I hope to continue this dressage journey with goals of perfection that will only be reached one step at a time. I hope to inspire others to do the same.

I will always remember my happiness as a child when the horses would come to my town for the summer. You can look at things in life many ways. For me, I am not riding horses; I am on the back of nature, seeking balance, and living my dream. This is the feeling I try to instill in my students.